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We don't know about you, but when a sharp-dressed man asks you for a favour, we jump at the chance. The Suitor wanted help marketing the clean, professional, and compelling image they have mastered in clothing to Halifax, along with the fickle and ultra-trendy social media landscape that escaped many businesses. 

With web design, social media management, and social media design, we shined our business shoes up and got to work. Creating a Facebook page and using it as a platform to engage people online, we were able to reach out to all those people posting about their engagements and weddings.

It's essential to properly execute social media, and it certainly can be a balancing act. People respond to genuine thoughts, and young consumers are sensitive to sales pitches, while at the same time a company wants to continue maintaining a brand and image online. It's a little bit of an art, and a little bit of a science, and we've got the balance down.

Take a look for yourself at the many other clients we have here, or give us a call - you juggle enough with your business, concentrate on what you do best, and we'll make sure your public image doesn't become a circus.

Project Features:

  • Web Design
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Social Media Management
  • Public Relations
  • Custom Application Development