Helly Hansen

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Helly Hansen was doing some exciting expansion, including an outlet into the competitive Halifax market. Denote Communications was able to give a professional look for their web design and an edge in the critical first stage of a new store. The outreach we were able to provide set the base for long term customers and helped get the ball rolling on a word-of-mouth exposure that turned into an avalanche.

Denote Communications provided web design, marketing, and e-commerce integration, presenting a solid product with a fantastic platform.

As an already established name, the extra push that Denote gave was to help people realize that Helly Hansen is more than just Ski Wear, and with our multi-disciplinary approach we were able to make it look easy. In order to help people find the site, we employed social media and search engine optimization that brought traffic to the homepage, and the layout of the site showed the many different lines of gear in a pleasant and eye-catching fashion. Customers were able to find what they were looking for quickly while being educated on the other products available, bushing a single sale into a higher potential.

We know how to make things work for you, whether you are a new startup or an established brand expanding into new markets. We know Halifax, and we know business. If you are serious about maximizing your business potential, you owe it to yourself to give us a call.

Project Features:

  • Web Design
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Photography