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When Buoy O Boy came to us wanting a site design, we were ecstatic. With 65 years of history keeping Canadians safe on the water, we saw it as a sign of trust and quite frankly, an achievement to be representing such an iconic brand. Not only that, but they were obviously pleased as well, expanding our service to them into other brands under their umbrella. 

Denote Communications provided web design and e-commerce integration, complete with a virtual inventory showcasing the different product lines that are available. A key strategy in an already established brand like Buoy O Boy is when it comes to water safety gear is expanding that brand recognition and trust, either to new products or to a new generation.

As a brand carried in multiple locations as opposed to a chain of stores in itself, we took the relevant customer information and streamlined it onto a slick website that helped guide their loyal customers to the shelves where their products were stocked.

Help up help you, no matter if you're an established brand or a company just starting off, our insight into marketing and the Halifax area can help you get an edge that will turn into to measurable results!

Project Features:

  • Web Design