Lately we have been hard at work on doing marketing and design work on several local and international brands. While it's our policy not to reveal any clients until the project has been completed or has been on-going for some time, rest assured that we're doing some pretty great things. We've been working on projects for a local fashion brand, a few amazing charities, an international apparel brand, and a bunch of work for young entrepreneurs you'll be hearing from sooner than later. This isn't even taking into account a bunch of our internal projects which we GUARANTEE will excite you.

We'll give you a little peek later on if anyone is interested. Maybe drop us a line on our Facebook Page and ask to see what we're up to and we'll show you. Though, chances are if you have Facebook you've already seen some of our advertisements targeted directly at you. You'll be surprised when you find out you've been clicking on our work.

Overall, we're excited about how Denote has been growing over the past few years. Things seem to be speeding up all the time and the amount of wonderful people we have met and been able to help just keep encouraging us to move faster. Who are these people? Pick up an issue of Profile Halifax and see just a small sample of the amazing people we've encountered in the city. By growing our dreams with the dreams of those around us, we hope we can build a better city, a better country, a better world.

Take a look at some of our videos on our YouTube Channel and see some of the cool stories that we've been involved in. In the coming weeks, watch as new Denote promotional videos are unveiled. Be sure to connect with us on Twitter at @DenoteCA


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