Media Buying

Communication is our game, and advertising was where we started Denote Communications. We sold advertisements in the beginning, and now we can put that expertise to work for you getting you the best result at the best price.

We're confident we can position your company's communications to reach your customers, while saving you money with our negotiated exclusives at the same time. Your money is too valuable to throw away on ineffective ad placement. We offer a solid track record and a true passion to amplify your message.

Also, if you are looking to sell some advertising yourself, take advantage of our experience to tap into quality, stable clients who have used Denote for their own outreach.

Facebook Advertising – Facebook has been deemed both a holy grail and as an under-performing money pit. Depending on ho you use it, either can be true! Let us guide your efforts to keep the focus on activity that will generate measurable results that will have a tangible impact on your brand awareness and sales numbers.

Print Advertising – With our print experience we can lend a critical eye to the prices and networks that are available for you to use to reach customers. The question goes deeper than how much does it cost vs. how many papers do you print? Demographics, distribution, and status of a publications readership has as much to do with where you should buy as well. Aside from industry knowledge, we can also negotiate lower print costs than you would get solo, making using Denote a win-win situation.

Ad Sales – If your bread and butter is ad sales, or even if you are simply looking to offset the costs of your communications by joining forces with another complimentary industry, look no further than to Denote Communications to help network you to other expanding businesses who will share costs with you.