We are a Halifax, Nova Scotia based agency that determines what success looks like, then measures results. There is no point in hiring an agency to do marketing if you can’t tell the difference between before and after.

We take pride in small victories like an extra customer for our client or a customer compliment, but we also stay focused on the endgame- your bottom line. Step by step we help small businesses around the world make more money by attracting more customers through smart marketing. If you have a solid product, then Denote Communications can help you get the word out. We are trusted by over 300 entrepreneurs across Canada. Why? Denote Communications doesn't just design pretty advertising. We make sure that your business is featured in places that will get you more customers and increased sales.

One last point- Denote Communications offers the whole meal deal. We have everything you would need to put together a successful marketing campaign. From design and photography to media buying, we can handle it all. This allows an extremely consistent approach with measurable results.

Our advice is free. It's worth a chat. We have been known to buy prospective clients coffee.  Call and we'll hook you up.

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